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Terms and conditions

Pressing the submit button you agree to the processing of personal data for the sole purpose of giving you a quotation or manage your reservation. The data that you will give us through the form will be turned in an email that will be kept in the system for receiving emails used by managers. These reservation won't be confirmed without the prior consent of the Accomodation manager and the guest by e-mail or by phone.

Please note that the "not-refundable" rate reservations shall be paid by bank transfer or sending the credit card authorization module filled within 24 hours by the reservation confirmation e-mail. In the case the guest won't pay within 24 hours from the reservation confirmation e-mail the reservation will be cancelled. The payment for a "not refundable rate" reservation can't be refund in case of cancellation, edits or no show by the guest.

Check-in and check-out

  • Where do I check in?

    You check in at the Accomodation.

  • What time of check-in and check-out?

    Check-in: from 2:00 pm Check-out: within 10:00 am

Cleaning and linens

  • Is the final cleaning mandatory?

    The final cleaning is mandatory.

  • Are the Accomodation bed and towel linens mandatory?

    You can inform us you won't use the bed and bath linens. We won't prepare them in the Accomodation and they won't be charged.

Car and parking

  • Where can I rent a car?

    The closest car and van rental company office is 500 metres (0,3 miles) from Appartamento Centrale. Our Staff will be glad to help if you ask with the prior notice.

  • Where is the parking lot and garage?

    We offer spots in a big automatic garage open 24/24h 7/7. It is 150 metres far (0,09 miles) from Appartamento Centrale.

Position of the accommodation

  • How far is the railway station?

    The train station is 250 metres (0,12 miles) far from Appartamento Centrale. Please visit our webpage “Location” for more information.

  • How far is the nearest bus stop?

    There are several bus stops : in less than 150 mt (0,09 miles) from the Appartamento Centrale.

  • How far is the closest airport?

    The Valerio Catullo Airport is 97 km far (60 miles) from Appartamento Centrale.


  • How is the connection to internet ?

    We have wi-fi free. The access keys are available in the Accomodation.

  • Is the accomodation equipped with TVS?

    It is equipped with 32' digital LCD TVS each room and 40, Smart TV in the living.

  • Is there a DVD reader?

    There is a DVD reader in the living room.


  • Which credit cards are accepted?

    Mastercard, Visa. If you use different one ask the Staff at info@appartamentocentrale.com


  • Which languages are spoken by your staff?

    Italian, English, French.

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